second hand touring caravans

Matching Service
Towsafe offers a service to make sure a towing car is compatible with the caravan to be towed; their website is at This website also gives more in-depth information regarding what you need to know.

The legalities
Up to date towing laws can be viewed at the National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA) website

Does your Driving Licence permit you to tow? For up to date information visit the following website: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)

Accessories for your tourer or static caravan can be purchased from

Here's a website with lots of useful information about buying a second hand caravan . . . .

Used touring caravans

With a tourer you have the extra freedom of being able to tow your caravan to your chosen locations, then unhitch and explore the area by car.

These days, newer used touring caravan interiors often incorporate well equipped kitchens and all creature comforts.

tourer loungeThings to consider before buying your tourer . . . .
You need to be aware of many things when you choose a tourer or tow car. You must match the towing capabilities of your car to the caravan you want to tow; if you fail to do this you may invalidate your warranty or insurance, and possibly even cause damage to people and property.

You need to establish . . .
touring caravan kitchenthe kerbweight, noseweight and maximum towing limit for the towing car. Noseweight is the vertical load the caravan hitch puts on the car's towball, and can significantly affect the high speed stability of a caravan. Typically this is around 75kg, or 7% of the van's actual laden weight.

tourer looYou also need to know the maximum laden weight of the caravan, which ideally, should not exceed 85% of your car's kerbweight. The car's maximum towing limit should never be less than max laden weight of the caravan on tow. It's also important not to exceed the lowest noseweight of your car and caravan.

If you need further help and advice regarding towing a touring caravan, this can be obtained from