Used caravan prices

static home transporterPrices for a tourer or a static caravan can be less than £3,000!

The UK's largest stockist of second hand caravans is Joal Leisure Ltd who are able to sell second hand mobile homes and touring caravans at very low prices.

All Joal Leisure's new and pre-owned caravans undergo a thorough 50 point inspection, and receive a warranty and complimentary valet.

We also found a useful resource for finding caravan parks at

Here's a website with lots of useful information about buying a second hand caravan . . . .

There are so many caravan parks across the UK that you are very likely to find one where ever you want to go.

Why buy a used tourer or static caravan?

Second hand caravans are a much cheaper option than buying new because there's no VAT to pay and depreciation is slower.

The lower price of a used caravan may enable you to purchase one with a higher specification than you could perhaps afford if buying new.

If the caravan's upholstery or furnishings are not quite to your taste, you would perhaps feel less inclined to change them if they were brand new.

used touring caravanTourers are caravans that can be towed by car and the cost of a pre-owned one is a cheap price the freedom it brings. For a low price you can do as you please, go where you want, when you want!

If you're not sure whether caravan touring is for you, it may be a good idea to buy a second hand tourer to avoid high depreciation if you decide to sell soon after.

static second hand caravanStatic caravans, also known as mobile homes, tend to be much larger than tourers and therefore need to be delivered by transporter. A static caravan can be used as a main residence, temporary housing or offices.

Another advantage of buying a used caravan is that there may also be optional extras added by the previous owner.